Quick Tip: Use QR Codes To Help People To Find You

Quick Tip: Use QR Codes To Help People To Find You

Getting your name out there and attracting people to your store or website is an ongoing process and we need to use as many techniques as possible to get our products in front of people. One key to this is making things as simple as possible for potential customers to find us.

QR codes are handy for this as they allow the customer to wave their phone in front of the code and the web page will then open on their phone or device without them having to type away on tiny keyboards. QR codes are simple to generate and you can add them to your business card, packaging, print them out and display at craft exhibitions etc.

You can use them to link to your home page, your email sign up, Etsy store etc – or as I have done here, to your Facebook page or group. To create them just head to one of the several free QR Code generators and add your url and download the code.

However, I’ve noticed that fancy ones are also available and they allow you to create ones as I have done here. You can add your logo, choose custom colors or add an icon to say a little more about what it’s all about. This is the service I used

They have a free option for three codes a month (with an advert, I believe), plus some paid for options. For the plain ‘old style’ QR codes you’ll find a plethora of free ones – this is the one I’ve used