Introducing Keyword Bot!

Introducing Keyword Bot!

Let our keyword bot deliver you lists of trending keywords weekly directly to Facebook Messenger. Just click here and keyword bot will send you lists of keywords every week – for absolutely free! You can even suggest which topics you would like to see future keywords lists provided.

Prefer to receive them via email? That’s fine, just add your email address HERE 

What Are Keyword Lists?

Our keyword lists are collected from Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Google, Bing and YouTube. These will give you the keywords people are using NOW for different topics. See how people search for things using different keyword phrases on different platforms.

How to Use Bizkitbox Keyword Lists

There are so many ways you can use our keyword lists to grow your business! Of course, these are ideal for using as part of your SEO research. However, that’s only scratching the surface of how you can use these lists. Remember, these are the keywords and phrases people are using now. Therefore these are the problems they are searching for solutions to solve, the challenges they are looking for help with, the products they are seeking to buy, the needs they are wanting to fulfill… These should give you ideas for blog posts, new products, YouTube content, emails etc.

Let’s look in more detail:

  • SEO Research – the keywords in the list will give you ideas for the ways people are searching for different things. Very often we can be so close to our topic we forget how ‘real people’ search for things. If nothing else, this may throw some light onto some alternative search terms you can research.
  • New Products – are people searching for products you don’t currently have? Or perhaps they are searching for a solution to a problem which you can create a product that will help? These keywords may prompt all sorts of ideas for new products and services.
  • Blog Posts – these keyword phrases could almost be used as a list of blog titles. You know this is what people are searching for – so how can you best serve them?
  • YouTube Content – video and YouTube channels continue to grow. Look at the YouTube keywords and see how you can use these as prompts for ideas for new content.
  • Social Media Posts and Graphics – if people are searching for something on Google, the chances are it’s something that will be of interest on Facebook and other social media platforms too. Try using some of these keywords as hashtags, to make social media posts and graphics.

What Topics?

That’s up to you! You will have the opportunity to suggest new topics for keyword lists and we will do our best to include them within the coming weeks.

Get Started!

So, if you’d like to start receiving keyword lists from our Keyword Bot, just get started here 🙂