How to Write Great Product Descriptions

How to Write Great Product Descriptions

Your product descriptions and your photos are the only two pieces of information a shopper has access to when they are looking to buy products. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you cover everything a shopper needs to know in both your images and your descriptions.

Here are some tips for writing great product descriptions

Who Are You Writing To?

Are you writing to your target market? Are you using the language and terms that will resonate with your target market? If you use the same language that your target market uses, you will immediately form a bond. Think of different expressions or unique terms that your target market might use and be sure to incorporate these in your descriptions.

What’s the Value to the Customer?

Does your description clearly tell the customer why they should purchase these products – what the value to them will be? This needn’t be all slimy and salesy! Think about the problems that your products will solve, the need that they will fulfill and how they will make the customer feel.

Who Made it?

Who made it? Do you make it clear that you make your products by using the active ‘I’ rather than the passive ‘it is made’ in your descriptions? Remember, people are shopping on your site because they want something you make – don’t overlook the power of telling people I created this.

 For example:
  • I create these favor boxes using heavy weight cardstock (this leaves the reader in no doubt as to who makes these products)
  • These favor boxes are made using heavyweight cardstock (this doesn’t tell the shopper who makes the items, these could be made by Walmart as far as the shopper knows from this description)

Have You Defined Color, Fragrance, Size and Options?

Have you clearly defined color, fragrance, size etc. A color chart can be useful (you can add this as a download). This is particularly useful when you use your own names for colors and fragrances. Also, someone’s idea of small may be another’s idea of large. So it’s important to ensure you have clarified as much as possible. Make the options super-clear for customers. Where appropriate, add further descriptions or photos to help customers understand the different attributes of a product.

  • These products are available in three fragrances – Ay (a light floral scent), Bea (a heavy musk fragrance) and Cee (a fragrance with mint and pine undertones, ideal for men). Please select a fragrance from the drop down box when ordering.
  • These products are available in three fragrances – Ay, Bea and Cee (while this tells the customer the three fragrance options, it gives the customer no further idea as to the type of fragrance, giving further descriptions will help the customer make a better-informed buying decision)

Are You Spelling Out The Benefits

While a clear list of features is important when writing product descriptions, this isn’t what ‘sells’ your work. The customer needs to know that the product weighs 75gms – but what is the benefit to them? Why does it matter? For every feature (fact) tell the customer why that matters – what that means to them.

  • These soap bars weigh 75 grams which means they will not add too much weight to your subscription box / packed in square boxes, these bubble bars will be easy to pack in boxes.
  • These soap bars weigh 75gms, are made using virgin olive oil, contain no SLS… (this list of features tells the customer what they are getting – but it doesn’t tell the customer why this matters or why this is important for them)

Have You Detailed Any Disclaimers?

While you should cover any important disclaimers in your studio terms and conditions (for example disclaimer about colors looking different on different monitors, any health disclaimers etc), it is certainly worth spelling anything out that a customer needs to know. Make it clear and highlight the text or use bullet points to make it really stand out.

For example ‘It’s important to note that they may look different on a real product than what you see on your computer monitor. Even if you have calibrated your monitor to a specific color profile, there are various factors that influence the final appearance of colors on a printed product. Because of this, we can’t guarantee color accuracy 100%’.


A well-written description will ease the buying process, removing any blocks the customer may have to making the purchase and to answer the questions they may have. It is a well-worth investment to spend time crafting good product descriptions for your products.